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Destroying Toyz Hourly

14in x 7in x 5in

Recently I came across some of my childhood toys while looking through my parents basement. What intrigued me the most was a collection of Fisher-Price Construx from the early 1980’s.

This particular set of toys, Fisher-Price Construx, were 3-Dimensional structures that could be assembled per manufacturer’s design or uniquely constructed based on the users imagination. I distinctly recall playing with 2 specific sets. The first, was a set that when assembled, represented a construction scene which included a flatbed truck and crane. I also recall this set having a working remote control and servo. The second set was a space shuttle and an all-terrain vehicle perhaps used for interstellar planet surface exploration. I did not find these sets in their entirety.

What I did find where bits and pieces of childhood memories. Memories of free play, imagination, creativity and problem solving. As I reflect back upon my life, even more specifically my childhood, I am convinced that it is playing with toys and subsequently the memories of playing with these toys that fueled my artistic imagination and creativity over the last 3 and a half decades of my life.

While I feel that this particular piece of art (“Destroying Toyz Hourly”) will not be received with much praise and acclaim, I myself feel it is one of my most important pieces to date. I have taken a childhood toy, a toy that helped shaped my future, a toy that I handled over 3 decades ago, a toy that holds the energy of my youth and I repurposed this toy by practically applying industrial design and engineering principles to form a piece of contemporary art. This is my history, this is my essence, this is my life…

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