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Thank you Truemaster Trimingham, Beat*Shot Music, & all the people that came out to support the January 2016 First Friday art/music exhibition & fundraiser at Hinckle Brewery in Albany, NY. We were able to create a fun & safe environment for families & creative minds to come together to express our thoughts & opinions while simultaneously raising $330 for the victims of the Park Avenue fire that occured on December 2, 2015 within our community.

Thank you John Brown & Jamel Mosely for the extra set of hands when setting up this event.

Thank you Danny Killion from Weathered Wood & OddyGato for exhibiting your artwork.

Thank you DJ Nate the Great for keeping our spirits high throughout the evening.

Thank you DJ Truemaster, Masai ATG & Amani O for performing live.

Thank you everyone that helped promote this event through word of mouth and/or through social media.

Most importantly, Thank you to all the supporters that came out to see this event in person!

Photograph by Han Dogan

Photograph by Truemaster Trimingham

Photograph by Han Dogan

Photograph by Han Dogan

Photograph by Masai Andrews

Photograph by Sev Statik

Photograph by Treha Myth Downey

Photograph by Sev Statik

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