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Social Media for Creatives: A Panel Discussion

This past Wednesday, as an artist, I was given the opportunity to speak at the Albany Barn. Having a moment to reflect upon that experience, I would like to share a positive & negative thought about the evening.

On the positive side, it was an absolute honor to be on stage & have a creative & intelligent dialogue with artists I respect & admire. Perhaps even more specifically, to share that passionate dialogue with the audience in attendance. To be given the opportunity to speak as an artists & have our words received so attentively was an honor that filled my heart with joy.

On the negative side & not unexpected, there are 3 galleries within a one mile radius of this event & not a single representative from these galleries were in attendance. I did not see an Executive Director or a Member of the Board of Directors from any of the galleries at Wednesday evening's artist panel discussion. Those such actions upset me because they cause me to question the commitment of the said galleries to our local creative community. Is it every gallery for themselves or do they truly have the intention of working together to form a stronger creative community? Or are these galleries not interested in the opinions & perspective of 5 accomplished local artists living & working within their community? These thoughts go unanswered & thus confuse me. That I do not like.

I said one positive & one negative thought, but this event was filled with nothing but positive moments. It was an enlightening experience & I hope that we continue this dialogue into the future

Artist - Masai Andrews ( & Facebook)

Photograph - Richard Lovrich

Artist - Courtney Covino ( & Facebook)

Photographer - Richard Lovrich

Artist - Jamel Mosely (Mel eMedia & Facebook)

Photograph - Richard Lovrich

Artist - Richard Lovrich

Photographer - Richard Lovrich

Creative Director at Capital Repertory Theatre

Creative Director at Universal Preservation Halland

Creative Director at Proctors Theatre

Artist - Han Dogan -

Photograph - Richard Lovrich

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