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Black Arts & Cultural Festival

Today I was honored with the opportunity to represent the Schuyler Flatts Burial Ground Project at Destination Heritage during the 2016 Black Arts & Cultural Festival at Empire State Plaza in Albany, NY.

I'm grateful for the beautiful weather that allowed people to attend, giving us a platform to engage in an inspirational and educational dialogue with the community which provided insight and feedback in regards to both the process and where we stand as a community.

In addition to the literature and photographs presented, we were able tell the story of our journey with the help of the PBS documentary of the Schuyler Flatts Burial Ground Project and two of the burial containers which were on loan from the New York State Museum's permanent art collection.

I would personal like to thank Cordell Reaves (Historic Interpretation and Preservation Analyst at NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation) and Sara Hill (Convention & Tourism Promotion Specialist Office of General Services, Convention and Cultural Events) for their effort and dedication to this endeavor as well as the guidance they have provided me. It has truly been an honor and blessing to work along side these individuals.

Organizations presented at Destination Hertiage:

African American Cultural Center

Capital District Caribbean American Cultural Association, Inc.

FIGAH (Filling in the Gaps African American History)


NYS Museum Emancipation Proclamation Display

Rapp Road Association

Underground Railroad History Project

Wassa Pan Afrika, African Culture and Music

Destination ARTS & Ideas

Callaloo Theater Company

Mel E Media / Youth FX

Scholastic Talent Showcase

Tap Dance Company

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